50 Bible Experts Worth Following on Twitter

by admin on February 27, 2011

The Bible is such a rich and complex book of scripture that it can take years to understand it. You are likely to find something new every time you read the Bible. You don’t have to be a Bible college graduate to become an expert — or at least a learning scholar. It is possible to study the book on your own, with help from God, and learn more about this scripture. However, sometimes it’s nice to have a little help as you study. There are those who have made scripture study and the ministry their lives, and also those who have made it a point to study the scriptures, even without a formal Calling. You can learn from these Bible scholars and experts.

Twitter is a great way to keep up with the latest in Bible verses, insights, devotionals and thoughts. If you are interested in finding out about the Bible, and being enriched by the study of God’s word, here are 50 Twitter accounts worth following:

Spiritual Leaders

If you are looking for information from pastors, ministers, priests and other spiritual leaders, these are great accounts to follow. Learn more about the Bible with these Twitter insights.

  1. @MaxLucado: This minister and popular author can help you find information about the Bible.
  2. @donmilleris: Insightful reflections on the Bible, and information you can use to improve your life with the help of scripture.
  3. @PastorMark: Plenty of great information on the Bible, including what you need to do to improve your life.
  4. @TerryStorch: Looking for some helpful hints on the Bible? This Digerati pastor can help you learn more about the scriptures.
  5. @edstetzer: This pastor offers church news, and information on the scriptures.
  6. @garymullen: Sermons, Bible insights and more from this pastor.
  7. @paultmccain: This Lutheran pastor and Bible scholar offers plenty of thoughtful and insightful information about the Word.
  8. @drantbradley: This Associate Professor of Theology at King’s College has interesting things to say about scripture — and life.
  9. @PastorTullian: Inspirational thoughts on the Bible and more.
  10. @pwilson: This author and pastor can help you learn more about divine connection and scriptures.
  11. @stevenfurtick: You will find plenty of insights and interesting observations when you follow this Twitter feed.
  12. @MikeSalazar: Keep up with scriptures, and learn to use them in your life.
  13. @ThomRainer: LifeWay CEO helps you stay on course, using Biblical principles.
  14. @debra_allen: Ministry operations director that can offer you more information about scripture and life.
  15. @JohnPiper: This pastor knows the scriptures and can help you find your way.
  16. @PastorBCam: Scriptures — and Christian comedy!

Everyday Christians

You don’t have to be “officially” in the ministry to be a Bible scholar. You can follow these everyday Christians in their quest to learn more of God’s Word.

  1. @Sword4Christ: Read Bible verses, and learn more about the Word.
  2. @TakingGodWord: Learn more about the Bible, find inspiration for study.
  3. @TurningHearts: Music and faith, as well as the Bible, from this Twitter feed.
  4. @vesselproject: This Bible study leader offers insights into the scripture and how to study it.
  5. @TrinityGurl: Down to earth thoughts about the Bible, faith and family.
  6. @EvDayChristian: This online news magazine helps people live life according to the Bible each day.
  7. @Bre_Sue: Bible thoughts, as well as encouragement to study the Word each day.
  8. @ChildOfGod: This religious studies grad offers insights into the Bible and more.
  9. @Ines4C: Helpful Bible verses, and thoughts on Jesus and the Bible.
  10. @jamesglory: This digital evangelist believes the Bible, and shares his thoughts and observations of what is written.
  11. @DarleneZschech: Learn more about Christ, the scriptures and how to live a faith filled life.
  12. @Prophetess4Him: This pastor’s wife knows the Bible, spreads the Word and offers help to those who are struggling in their faith.
  13. @harvestworker: Shares thoughts on faith, religion and the Bible.

Verses and Devotionals

Follow these Twitter feeds to find great verses and devotionals everyday. These can be used to help you direct your Bible study.

  1. #Bible: This hashtag isn’t an account, but it can help you find Bible experts and Bible study ideas.
  2. @VersesFromBible: Great Bible verses to help direct your study.
  3. @Daily_Bible: Summary of Bible verses, and helpful insights into the meaning of different verses.
  4. @DailyVerseTweet: Keep with different Bible verses and find plenty of information to help your study.
  5. @desiringgod: Great devotionals, links to interesting information on the Bible, and more.
  6. @TopBibleVerses: Find the poetry in the Bible with help from these tweets.
  7. @Devotionals: Bible insights from Europe.
  8. @BibleThoughts: Encouraging deeper study of the scriptures. Offers plenty of thoughts from the Bible and other sources.
  9. @One_Year_Bible: Helpful thoughts and links to helping you get through the Bible in a year.
  10. @versaday: Bible verses to help your study. In Spanish as well as in English.
  11. @100prayingwomen: Great Bible thoughts for study, and insights. Find someone to pray with.
  12. @Bible4U: Thoughts, inspiration and Bible verses. A great way to find inspiration.
  13. @BibleHarvest: Plenty to think about as you consider your faith and life. Great bible verses and thoughts.

Bible and Money

The Bible has plenty to say about finances. These Twitter accounts use the Bible for direction in making financial decisions. You can learn more about the Bible, faith and money by following these accounts.

  1. @Christpreneurs: Find out more about running a business the Christlike way. Business practices based on the Bible.
  2. @MoneyMatters: Follow this Twitter account, which focuses on the money issues found in the Bible.
  3. @providentplan: This Christian financial planner can help you practice Bible based finances.
  4. @ChristianPF: Get insights into managing your life based on Christian and Bible principles.
  5. @PFbythebook: Learn more about finances based on the Bible. A great resource for those interested in knowing what the Bible has to say about money.
  6. @bfnJohn: The blogger behind Borrow From None offers a look at faithful finances. Bible based money ideas and concepts.
  7. @jayperoni: Learn about faith based investing. Make investment decisions based on Bible principles. Jay is known for being an expert on faith based investing.
  8. @RichChristian: Find out how you can be a good steward of God’s blessings. Insights on money and the Bible.

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