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As you begin to apply to colleges to advance your education, you should also apply for scholarships to help pay for your schooling. Scholarships are great for students of all economic backgrounds. With grants, you need to show financial aid to qualify, but scholarships are given based on academics and special skills or talents, and often are run similarly to a competition, as students are asked to submit essays.

As you search for financial aid, you’ll find two different kinds of scholarships – general funds and funds specially for students studying religion at bible colleges. You should apply to both kinds. The more money you have in scholarships, the less you’ll have to pay out of pocket. Unlike student loans, scholarships never have to be repaid.

Scholarships for online bible colleges come from a variety of sources. One of the best places to find scholarships is with private institutions and organizations. Some are specific to a certain denomination, while others are available to all religious students or all students in general. Some of the scholarship funds you should check out include the following:

  • Carvajal Educational Scholarship: Available for students graduating high school in certain Texas counties, this scholarship is renewable for any student attending a Christian or Judeo church affiliated college.
  • Cannon Endowment Scholarship: This fund gives up to $2500 to students who are attending seminary schools and planning to be chaplains in the military.
  • International Order of King’s Daughters and Sons Health Career Scholarship: If you’re studying in the areas of medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, of one of the other medical-related majors, this program could help you.
  • Kaneta Foundation Scholarship: This scholarship, is available to members of a Christian church in Hawaii with at least a 3.0 GPA.
  • Lloyg & Iva Mattison Youth Ministry Scholarship: If you’re pursuing an education to help you in a career relating to youth ministry, you’ll qualify for this award. You must be a Disciple of Christ and show academic achievement.
  • Sylvia Miller Memorial Scholarship: This $500 scholarship is given with preference to ministry students who plan to work in Nebraska in the Methodist church.

Private organizations aren’t the only places where you can find scholarships for bible college. Many colleges also offer their own scholarships, and can tell you about private funds that are available for students going through their programs. For more information about these scholarships, contact your college’s financial aid department. Some government departments also offer scholarships to students excelling in their fields. You can start your scholarship search online at

Remember, scholarships that aren’t necessarily for bible students can also help pay for your schooling. Look for scholarships that fit your skills and talents, and you’ll be more likely to be awarded the money. Apply for as many scholarships as you can, as well as grants, so that you can get your education as inexpensively as possible.

Featured Online Bible Colleges

Looking for a top online bible college? Bible has already ranked the best of the best Christian Bible colleges below. Each school is fully accredited and integrates Christian values into its curriculum.

Grand Canyon University Founded over 60 years ago, GCU is one of the most popular online Bible colleges in the nation, offering degrees at the bachelor's, master's, and doctorate levels. Originally founded in 1949 as a Southern Baptist college, Grand Canyon is now an interdenominational Christian university.
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Abilene Christian University Abilene Christian University is a selective private university founded in 1906. The school was first established in Abilene, Texas. At ACU students can choose from 67 baccalaureate programs that include over 125 areas of study. ACU also offers over 25 masters degree programs that come highly accredited.
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Ohio Christian University Ohio Christian University's online degree programs offer Associate, Bachelor, and Master's degrees in an accelerated format designed for adults with busy schedules. With classes available online or on campus, OCU makes earning your degree convenient, flexible, and affordable.
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