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Grand Canyon University Founded over 60 years ago, GCU is one of the most popular online Bible colleges in the nation, offering degrees at the bachelor's, master's, and doctorate levels. Originally founded in 1949 as a Southern Baptist college, Grand Canyon is now an interdenominational Christian university.
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Abilene Christian University Abilene Christian University is a selective private university founded in 1906. The school was first established in Abilene, Texas. At ACU students can choose from 67 baccalaureate programs that include over 125 areas of study. ACU also offers over 25 masters degree programs that come highly accredited.
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Ohio Christian University Ohio Christian University's online degree programs offer Associate, Bachelor, and Master's degrees in an accelerated format designed for adults with busy schedules. With classes available online or on campus, OCU makes earning your degree convenient, flexible, and affordable.
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Bible colleges are now offering online degrees, making it convenient for working parents or those who work full-time to take on a degree studying theology. There are many types of certificates and degrees one can obtain in bible college. Unless you're working at the university level, most ministry positions do not require formal education of any sort. There's the obvious need to feel connected to your religion and study it intently, but there are not usually degrees involved in becoming a minister or working for a local church.

Bible colleges most often correlate with evangelical teachings and Protestants. Students of other Christian denominations may pursue a degree at a bible college (some bible college online programs are non-denomination), but usually study within a program of their own religion. In addition to standard college courses, you may also have to participate in the community or church for a certain number of volunteer hours. This can be seen similar to someone in the medical field putting in clinical hours before they can practice. Most people attending bible college do so because they already have close ties with the church and volunteer for many activities. The person might have worked as a youth counselor with younger congregates or help out with events for the elderly or homeless. Usually only volunteer hours will be included if they take place during the bible college program.

Bible certificates

Bible certificates are acquired by those wanting to work in as ministers, preachers or in the church in an guidance position. Some churches will have counselors on staff that counsel church members and other staff through hard times. These bible certificates allow you to have some authority in these departments. Typically a bible certificate is sought after a person obtains a job at a church. Often those who work for a church are part of a close-knit community of people and want to work at that particular church. Once a position becomes available or is created for you, you can attend bible college to gain a bible certificate in your respective department.

This certificate is usually 32-36 hours and gives basic rudimentary knowledge of the bible. It focuses on interpretations and teaching the lessons of the bible to others, whether it's through preaching to a large congregation or working one-on-one with individuals who need help. There are also bible certificates available in Spanish at select online schools and universities. The evangelical wave of churches is expected to spread towards the ever-growing Latin populationin the coming decade, so if you speak Spanish and are devoted to your religion, this may be a good area to practice.

Bible certificates in divorce

A bible certificate in divorce allows you to help congregation member struggling with separation, going through a divorce or coping with the aftermath. While many couples in these situations seek formal counseling or therapy, some want guidance from their church and prefer to share their problems and experiences with like-minded individuals. When studying for a bible certificate in divorce, you learn how to help a couple use God as their guidance when making the decision to separate or divorce. Many churches do not believe in divorce, but more modern churches, primarily evangelical churches with very large congregations, do believe divorce better for two individuals to part ways than create a damaging environmentfor themselves or their family.

This is also an area some couples need help in when they are considering remarriage. Christianity and other major religions frown upon remarriage, but in modern times, it is difficult to tell someone to stay single merely because of a bad decision made early on in life. Remarrying gives many a new chapter in their lives, but many need guidance in making that decision and feeling confident about commitment after he or she has been hurt in the past. A counselor that has a background in divorce can help a person overcome these obstacles so they can begin the new phase of their life on a positive note and feel confident in their decision.

Christian counseling degree

This degree allows you to practice counseling in a church setting. Most people who go to school for a Christian counseling degree do not go on to gain their PhD in therapy of any sort. This allows you go practice as a therapist if you sit for the exams required by your state. Requirements for credentials vary from church to church. If you have an extensive background in helping people in your church and go to school for a Christian counseling degree, the church staff may be comfortable with you.

Bible education degree

This is a bachelors degree that enables you to teach bible education. Because there are no formal requirements for most private school and religious educators, this degree gives you the knowledge to teach at a religious school and also become part of the administration. With a bible education degree you may go on to get your teaching certificate for your respective state and teach at a private school. You can also teach at a non-secular school during regular hours and conduct church classes at night or on the weekends. Some churches hold seminars or workshops for congregation members, but do not have anyone on staff that regularly directs these meetings. You may be hired or able to volunteer on project-by-project basis.

Bible ministry degree

Bible ministry degrees are often sough by those who wish to be preachers or head up a church. Evangelical churches are on the rise in all areas of the United States. Some of these churches have tens of thousands of members and these large churches expect ministers and their apprentices to have a degree or in school for one. Classes taught for a bible ministry degreeinclude leadership courses, discipleship, evangelism, oratory and speech courses. A huge part of working as a preach or minister for a large congregation is public speaking related.

If you do not wish to become a minister, but still want to study theology and the basics of ministry, you can still obtain your bible ministry degree, but utilize it more in a public relations manner for the church. Many of these evangelical churches require seminars and events outside of sermons or Sunday services. A bible ministry degree teaches you the leadership skills needed to organize these events and make them enticing for church goers.

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