30 Incredible Q&A Sites to Help You Understand the Bible

by admin on October 17, 2011

With thousands of years of history, the Bible is not an easy area of study. In fact, enrolling in a Bible college can be a burdensome task, especially when it comes to questions such as which college should I attend? Luckily, there are many students, teachers, and others types out there who are doing or have done the same as you. And they can be valuable resources when coming across some of the most difficult issues or questions in the Bible.

In order to help, we have gathered 30 incredible Q & A sites to help you understand the Bible. They are authored by Bible experts, writers, preachers, and even a few who specialize in various sects of Christianity. So grab a virtual highlighter and get ready to be as informed as virally possible with a read below.

Incredible Q&A Sites to Help You Understand the Bible

  1. Got Questions?
    Visit here where nearly 300,000 Bible questions have been asked and answered. There are international questions, questions by video, and much more for the learning here. They even have areas for crucial questions and a special section to send in your own.
  2. Bible Q & A
    Bible Answer is a site with tons of biblical resources. In this special section, they focus specifically on Q & A. You can also get audio files, study tools, and more on the site.
  3. Bible.com
    These ministries seek to provide biblical based answers to the many questions they receive. The top 20 current questions are on tattoos, tithing, and choosing a mate. They also offer daily devotionals and other resources.
  4. Watchmen Bible Study Group
    They also have a section where Bible questions are answered. More specifically, you can select which area of the Bible to look up your answers in. There are also resources for new students, as well as top questions.
  5. Bible Q & A
    Ben Witherington III is the scholar and Bible expert for Belief Net. Stop by here to read all the questions previously asked and answered. They include books, dating, death, and more.
  6. Christian Answers
    They have a streaming video and audio section, in addition to traditional text answers. You can get items just on the Bible or other areas such as apologetics and for children.
  7. Diane’s Bible Studies
    Diane Dew takes the time to feature many Bible questions and answers on her site. They are often questions sent in by her readers on topics such as the Trinity and nudity. You can also get loads of other inspiration on the site.
  8. Bible Questions
    Stop here for an A through Z listing of popular Bible questions. You can search for popular, what’s new, and even a few debates.
  9. Christian Data Resources
    They publish answers on Bible questions and topical issues. Visit to check out the latest or even download an eBook. They also have their own blog with more.
  10. Study Bible Forum
    Still got questions? Then use this site to ask them to the active community. You can also read more on past questions.

Incredible Q&A Blogs and Podcasts to Help You Understand the Bible

  1. Bible Answers Live Question
    This call in radio show has loads of question and answer segments available for the listening. Topics range from baptism to the Trinity. Simply click on listen or download to begin hearing answers.
  2. Answers Bible Q & A
    Dr. D. is your host and Bible question guy at this blog. The Q & A section often involves reader’s questions and their answers. The blog also has study resources, news, and more.
  3. Dear Pastor Andy
    He has a master’s in divinity and certificate in youth ministry. Check out his blog for answers about God, Jesus, Christianity, the Bible, and more. Blog entries are often answers to reader’s questions.
  4. MacArthur Commentaries
    John MacArthur takes on many Bible questions in his audio blog. There is a different one featured on many Bible quotes. There is even a special section to send in your question.
  5. Thru the Bible Radio
    Join Dr. J. Vernon McGee as he shares “the whole Word for the whole world.” There is a daily broadcast with the answers to many biblical questions. He even offers an iPhone and Android app.
  6. Brian McLaren
    He is an author, speaker, and activist. His blog often features a question and response item regarding the Bible. He also has notes and videos from lectures.
  7. Christian Post
    They are a publication dedicated to Christianity. In this section, they focus specifically on reader’s questions and answers. You can also get the latest news on the main site.
  8. Desiring God
    Get God centered resources from the Ministry of John Piper here. With loads of entries on the blog and site, there is this topic index to make sense of it all. Choose from subjects such as Christian life, theology, and culture to begin.
  9. Bible Gateway Blog
    This blog features the latest news, announcements, and reflections. There are loads of biblical topics taken on ranging from apologetics to tutorials. A recent entry was on capital punishment.
  10. Christian Blog
    There is a special Bible study question series here. You can also find many other questions and answers for Christians. You can even register to participate in discussions.

Other Incredible Q&A Sites to Help You Understand the Bible

  1. Answers in Genesis
    This site believes that most things can be answered in the very first book of the Bible. Stop by to get answers on everything from anthropology to science. The top ten questions are featured on the right hand column.
  2. Catholic Answers
    Get answers by Catholics, for Catholics here. The forum remains a popular area where Bible questions are often asked and answered. They even have a Catholic Answers Live, which is an open forum for anyone who wants to participate.
  3. What Does the Prayer Really Say?
    Get the answers to this and many other biblical questions from Father John Zuhlsdorf. Reader’s questions are often taken on in the blog. You can also get a podcast from Father Z and an area to send in your own question.
  4. CARM
    Get Bible answers from the Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry here. They have loads of questions on topics such as inspiration and contradictions. You can also check out the forums and radio option with more.
  5. Southern Baptists
    See what the faith and facts are from the Southern Baptist Convention here. You can get basic beliefs as well as position statements. The site also has much more for Baptists.
  6. Mormon Answers
    Get questions and answers involving the Church of Latter Day Saints and the Book of Mormon with a visit here. There are items on history, rethinking, and even 20 truths. There is also Bodhi’s blog with more.
  7. LDS FAQ
    Similar to the above, this is another Q and A site for Mormons. It is Jeff Lindsay’s attempt to deal with many common questions about LDS issues. Hot topics currently include DNA, alleged problems, and questions about evidence.
  8. Mailbag Questions From Jehovah’s Witnesses
    Learn all about the Advent church and the Watchtower with a visit here. The blog is an archive of questions and answers regarding general Bible questions. They also have podcasts available for the listening.
  9. Kid Explorer Discoveries
    Get Bible questions and answers just for kids here. They have loads of subjects from space to animals. You can also get the site in Dutch or Spanish.
  10. Holy Bible Trivia
    If your question asking is all about learning, try clicking here. They offer free trivia questions, quizzes, and more to help you study the Bible. There is even a special section for misquoted verses.

Be sure and visit the above 30 incredible Q & A sites to help you understand the Bible often, as many of them are updated on a regular basis. There are also other answers on the web to questions on Bible school, such as where to find grants and scholarships.

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