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by admin on October 7, 2009

There are more online Bible Colleges and Universities today than there were some years back. This can be attributed to the increased demand by people willing to combine their faith with their academic life. There are three probable reasons that can be thought of as the drivers of this bible study frenzy. First, the Christian studies can effectively aid you in expanding your horizon. They can also enhance you career prospects just like any other online study, and finally, they can take your Christian faith to the next level which is the desire of most Christians.

Just like other online colleges in other disciplines, the Christians colleges have been ranked according to their compliance with certain standards which are thought to be the templates of ideal online studies. One of the best online Christian colleges is the prestigious Liberty University which offers Associate’s, Bachelor’s, & Master’s degrees in its online campuses. This Christian-focused College is known for its outstanding faculty teaching together with instilling Christian values to its students through one of the most Christian-oriented curriculum.

At number two we have the Regent University with its Associate’s, bachelor’s & Master’s degrees. This university has more than thirty programs both in undergraduate and graduate levels which are all customized to equip the students with the skills necessary to inspire minds, lives, and also change the world. With the prestigious Regent University you can get any Christian certificate from any part of the world.

Ashford University’s Master’s, Bachelor’s and Associate’s Degrees are some of the most sort-after Christian academic papers due to its reputation as a fountain of excellence in the Christian studies. Regarded has the third best overall in the online Christian studies category, it boasts the widest network of alumni. It’s very common to find an Ashford University graduate almost anywhere the internet is accessible, which is one of the reasons which have fueled its accelerated take-off since its establishment back in 1918.

You cannot talk about online Christian colleges without mentioning the prestigious Grand Canyon University. This university has the unique feature of reaching for the poor and the downtrodden in the society by arming them with Christian values and knowledge through scholarships and grants from donors and the federal government. There is also the LeTourneau University which integrates Christian education with business studies to create a curriculum that produces business leaders who are better placed to appreciate the place of God in the business world. This Christian College curriculum is designed in such a way that business, health or medical students who ultimately graduate from it have Christian values and knowledge in them and therefore their approach to issues is also different.

Benedictine University is also considered one of the best institutions to offer Christian studies in its online campus. It offers Certificates, Masters and Doctorates degree in a Christian community while still allowing students to get advanced level degrees in the high growth industry. One unique thing about its graduates is the values and morals that have been instilled in them which are ideal in today’s working environment.

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